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Monday, March 29, 2010

Dancing (Albuquerque Dance Photographer)

Calvary Dance Ministry put on the production Adamah two weekends ago. My sister-in-law was in it and I was able to grab a few beautiful photographs for her. I haven't done a lot of shooting from an audience before but it was so much fun! I would love to take more photos of dance productions, and well dancers in general. (It could have something to do with the fact that I love dancing, and wish I still had time to!) Anywhoo, here there are.


This one is my favorite!




Now don't you want to go and dance?!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Faux Bridal Session (Albuquerque Wedding Photographer)

Faux? You may be asking what that is. Well, for those of you who know Spanish and not French, it literally means false. No Amy isn't getting married, but her mom's wedding dress fit her pretty well. So, of course, we took pictures of her in them! (not to mention getting in some practice with my new flash.) Here are just a few from our sunset park adventures. Delight!




Amy_Tomasi103 sunset smile


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Arielei (Albuquerque Portrait Photographer)

I have to say it is interesting taking pictures of another photographer! But Arielei was a great model and extremely flexible with some silly ideas I had. I enjoyed the shoot very much and hope her husband, who is in basic training, enjoys them as well!

Here are just a few from the shoot.



I have seen this "dirty" technique around and messed around with blending to try and recreate them myself. After a few different ideas of how to make it, I can say my associates degree in Graphic Design is paying off! Anyway, I'm very excited how these turned out and hope you enjoy them as well!



Friday, March 5, 2010

Guest Books (Albuquerque Wedding Graphic Designer)

Finally, I was able to grab a few shots of our guest book I designed and put them up here! I now offer custom designed guest books for couples who do engagement shoots with me. Its a fun way to have an album of your engagement photos. Not only that but it serves as a way to know all who came to your wedding, giving everyone a chance to leave you a little message and not just sign their name. Josh and I really enjoyed reading the comments everyone left us, some were quite amusing, of course. Our friends are, well, a bit silly. haha. Enjoy!



These are just some of my favorite spreads.

Notice the drawing of a cow, I wasn't joking when I said we have silly friends. But I love it. :D



This is the type of binding I use for all albums I design. Just in case you were wondering. ;)