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Friday, April 30, 2010

Website is UP!

As you may have noticed things around here have changed. Why? Well, because my website is done and live on the web! I must say web design is a lot of fun but very tedious, I think I'll stick to photography for my job. But I have to say it is a HUGE blessing having studied graphic design and learning a little of web design in the mix! Anywhoo, here it is!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Website coming soon!!!!! Finally!!! I'm only in the beginning designing phase but I'm so excited and cannot wait to get it live; so, I thought I'd let you all know! Unfortunately these things take a while, but with time and commitment I hope to have it up by the end of the month!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Rachel and Brandon Tiller 3.28.10 (Albuquerque Wedding Photographer)

I am so excited to share these photos with you. I am so pleased with how they came out, I hope you likewise enjoy them!

(If you are family or friends and would like any of these photos please contact me at

From the Bachlorette party to the reception:
Bachlorette Party I

Bachlorette Party IV

Rachel & Brandon0097

Getting Ready I

This is one of my favorite detail shots :)
Rachel & Brandon0160_canvas

I love these candid portraits!
Getting Ready V

Rachel & Brandon0213_bw

Getting Ready II

Getting Ready VI

Rachel & Brandon0121

Rachel & Brandon0225_bw

Rachel & Brandon0256_canvas

Rachel loooooves purple! So of course she had purple shoes! :) So adorable!
Rachel & Brandon0263

Ceremony I

Rachel & Brandon0291

Rachel & Brandon0143

Details II

reception I

Of course they had to drive off on a motorcycle, but you can't ruin that beautiful dress! SO Rachel added a zipper to her dress and had white capries underneath. Brilliant and creative!
Leaving I

Rachel & Brandon0385

Rachel & Brandon0393

I saw the sun was setting right before the dance party began so I grabed Rachel and Brandon (after much struggle, of course ;) ) and got some beautiful sunset shots!
Rachel & Brandon0406

The First Dance
Rachel & Brandon0438_bw

The dance studio had a mirror which makes for some creative shots. :)
reception IV

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sneak Peak Mr. & Mrs. Tiller (Albuquerque Wedding Photogorapher)

Oh I CANNOT wait to get to the rest of these! Until then here is just one, to get those taste buds wanting more! haha...Delight :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Beautiful Erin (Albuquerque Portrait Photographer)

We finally did it! Our first session was delayed, and our second was almost; but praise the Lord, we were able to skip around the weather! As always I asked if Erin had any fun boxes, or props, possibly her flute (wonderful flute player by the way!). Well sure enough she did!!!(Sadly though no flute)But the others were perfect! I think it might help that she lives with her grandparents and the fact that well old stuff is just great for photographs. Enough of my babbling and lets get to the goods! :)


These next two I are my favorite from the shoot.



Gotta love the sunflares! ;)





P.S. Don't you LOVE her curly hair!?!?!? I do, I have a hair envy with her, one day we will trade because she likes my boring straight hair and I adore her natural bouncy curls! ;)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Whitney (Albuquerque Portrait Photographer)

I can sincerely say I have ever loved editing photos as much as I have editing Whitney's. I think it is because she is SOOOO gorgeous! ;) Overall though it was a fun shoot! The wind added some fun to it too with her hair being naturally "wind blown." I know Whitney was getting bothered by her "unruly hair" but I'd say it was more of a lovely disarray (which made for great candid moments, might I add).






I love this one...haha who am I kidding I LOVE them all!!

As we headed up to the foothills we had Brian, Whitney's boyfriend, join us. The sun was setting and it was just stunning for photos!



Sometimes you just improvise in posing people, this was one of those times. Don't read too much into it, there was NOTHING in the box! I just thought it would be cute. ;)



Thursday, April 1, 2010

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Today my husband left the house telling me to not read a note on the door until I got home from my errand. Well, when I came home I read the note.

I then proceeded to look under the couch and found the next clue. I have to say I am TERRIBLE at scavenger hunts because I texted Josh soooo many times asking for help.

I was lead to the knives, the freezer, the fire place, under the mattress with the reference to the princess and the pea, of course, (which I googled because I completely forgot that story!), in the towels, under the coffee table, my desk...and under the the towels I found The Fall (one of our favorite movies) and after being lead to the desk I found the Terabyte External Hard Drive for my business!

I was also lead to the apartment dumpsters, my visor in my car, which had this clue (my personal favorite) on it:

I loved it because it was reference to the glove compartment! Good one Josh! :)

Another favorite of mine was when I was lead to a verse in a Bible. Josh's clue for that was "a book inside a book and poetry too"

The 21st clue I had trouble finding, but after coming to my senses (and Josh's help) I realized why Josh had hid a puzzle on the bookshelf...because it had a clue on it!!!

I put the puzzle together quickly, well actually too slow for it being a kids puzzle haha. Then on the puzzle it had my final and last clue!

After some silly digging I found these!!

This is all of what my day lead to...but I can't forget to mention the wonderful cookies Josh made me and the sweet letter attached to the shoes. :)

Thank you to my wonderful husband, he is a blessing from the Lord.

P.S. Photos of Whitney are coming soon!