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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Albuquerque Graphic Designer (Aubrey & Nate's Custom Designed Guestbook)

Using Aubrey and Nate's awesome engagement photos I designed this guestbook for them to match their invitations and theme of their wedding. We were all pleased with how good it looks printed!

Here is the cover.


And just a few peaks inside!!



For more information about my custom designed products visit:

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Albuquerque Fine Art Photographer ( New Mexico Sunsets)

Our Creator makes some amazing sunsets in Albuquerque. These were taken while driving with my point'n'shoot. :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Aubrey's Bridal Shower Invitations | Albuquerque Graphic Designer

For those of you who may not know I am also a graphic artist. I absolutely love the opportunity to design invitations and other stationary for weddings. It is one of my favorite types of graphic design work. So, in planning for one of my best friends bridal showers I designed these guys! She loves tea, so we thought it would be a wonderful idea to have a bridal tea party for her!

Aubrey wanted recipes from other women so I also designed these little cards for other woman to share their tasty treats with her.

Want your invitations/save the dates and other stationary for your wedding custom designed? Just ask! I love doing this a long side the wedding photography! Visit my website for more info!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pecos NM

This weekend my husband and I, along with an entire film crew, went up to Pecos to finish shooting my husband's music video. It was a bit of a crazy weekend, but absolutely beautiful up there. Here are just a few photos. :)


This was just amazing to see: the evergreens changing color.







The director of photogrpahy for the video let me play with some of his sweet lenses. Including his lensbaby....which was extremely challenging to use, but I kinda like this photo even though it is out of focus.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Rebecca & Ryan | Enaged (Albuquerque Wedding Photographer)

This past weekend I meet up with Rebecca and Ryan to do their engagement photos. They are such a perfect match. They both are extremely easy going and laid-back. They are that couple that just fits each other so well, and you can just see that in their interactions together. I loved capturing them as they are and cannot wait to be apart of their wedding day!

We took some photos around Rebecca's home, which was beautiful. Then, we went down to the bosque where Ryan orginally purposed. It was a trench to get down there, really, through the river and over the...sand hills haha...ok their weren't any hills but a lot of deep sand. I think I got a work out taking photos of them! haha















Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Preview: Rebecca & Ryan Engaged | Albuquerque Wedding Photographer

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sophia | Ballerina (Albuquerque Ballet Dance Photographer)

This session was amazing! One completely worth all the trouble we went through. Although, looking back it really is quite comical.

First let me tell you how our day started out. Sophia and I were supposed to meet at Starbucks of I-25, well there are two of I-25. Guess what? We ended up at the two different ones. Then I got a call from Sophia saying she locked her keys in her car along with all her dance clothes. We then waited for her mom to bring her spare keys. Then, on top of it all it began to rain.

Her mom arrived with the keys and sophia got dressed. We were determined to do this despite everything.

Then, you seriously couldn't believe this, my car wouldn't start. Haha, I know right?

So, we hopped is Sophia's car. Drove downtown to our location and began the photoshoot. Thankfully it had stopped raining and made for some amazing lighting!

Then my camera battery died, and so did my spare.

I'm serious here.

It was 345 and our original plan was for Sophia to go to dance after to be greet by all her friends for a suprise birthday party once she got home. But miss Sohpia was too tired go to dance. So in a plan B we stopped for a snack and charged my batteries.

It worked out great because I needed to burn time til 630 for when the party started and Sophia hadn't had time for lunch!

So we drove to Uptown and finished our shoot, right at 630.

Phew. I know, it wore me out, but like I said, it was an amazing shoot! Now, enough with my poor story telling skills and on to the beautiful photos!

She has the MOST beautiful blue eyes, and the blue stormy sky in the background...God just blessed this so much!


We both have a cheesy since of humor. ;)





The sun began to come out and the storm still went on towards the mountains. As you can see this made for some gorgeous natural lighting!


I really couldn't get enough of those blue eyes!






Uptown was a different story, mostly because there was people staring at her, which just made Sophia a rock star. ;) She was such a trouper!

Oh, how I love this one!!!



One smiling one.







This is just a little silly fun. All the ballet positions!


I just love ballet photography. :)