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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Today my husband left the house telling me to not read a note on the door until I got home from my errand. Well, when I came home I read the note.

I then proceeded to look under the couch and found the next clue. I have to say I am TERRIBLE at scavenger hunts because I texted Josh soooo many times asking for help.

I was lead to the knives, the freezer, the fire place, under the mattress with the reference to the princess and the pea, of course, (which I googled because I completely forgot that story!), in the towels, under the coffee table, my desk...and under the the towels I found The Fall (one of our favorite movies) and after being lead to the desk I found the Terabyte External Hard Drive for my business!

I was also lead to the apartment dumpsters, my visor in my car, which had this clue (my personal favorite) on it:

I loved it because it was reference to the glove compartment! Good one Josh! :)

Another favorite of mine was when I was lead to a verse in a Bible. Josh's clue for that was "a book inside a book and poetry too"

The 21st clue I had trouble finding, but after coming to my senses (and Josh's help) I realized why Josh had hid a puzzle on the bookshelf...because it had a clue on it!!!

I put the puzzle together quickly, well actually too slow for it being a kids puzzle haha. Then on the puzzle it had my final and last clue!

After some silly digging I found these!!

This is all of what my day lead to...but I can't forget to mention the wonderful cookies Josh made me and the sweet letter attached to the shoes. :)

Thank you to my wonderful husband, he is a blessing from the Lord.

P.S. Photos of Whitney are coming soon!

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