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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Box (Albuquerque Sports Photographer)

Yesterday a few climbing friends of mine drove down to Socorro to The Box, a climbing area. We spent the day lead and top rope climbing, which to none climbers is a bunch of gibberish, but basically we had safety devices so we weren't climbing tall rocks without precautions. :)

We spent most of the day climbing. I took a few breaks and ventured around the area we were climbing to get in some good shoots from different angels. All that to say it was a great day climbing, despite the heat!

Mandy, she never ceases to amaze me. She'll get mad at me for saying this; but, she seriously can try anything and be instantly good at it!! She's only started climbing this summer and she is already better than I am (granted I'm not very good); but, I have been climbing for almost 2 years now! haha...anyway she's awesome and one of my favorite people to climb with!

Joe, I'd have to say he's pretty ambitious of a climber, and eager to try anything. I expect he's gonna be pretty good quickly, especially at the rate he goes!

Melanie, she is a very good climber and is super nice. It was awesome with one climb I was doing that was a bit of a challenge she gave me beta (or told me how to climb up where I was) and it was cake from there. I do also have to give a thanks to her for draggin up all her gear for us to use, without her we'd just be bouldering.

Wes, he is modest about how good he is but we'll just say he's an awesome climber and makes everything look like it didn't even break a sweat. Note: the point of view I took this shot was from the ground looking up, so yes he is upside down on this was pretty intense.

The sky from the overhang Wes and Melanie were climbing on.

Thanks guys, for a great day climbing! :)

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